Email Deliverability Monitoring and Services

Acoonia Software Suite (ASoS) – Do your email campaigns reach the inbox of all mail providers?

Is the visual presentation of your newsletters and emailings in the mail programs of your recipients accurate?

Are your mail servers set up correctly and follow best practices in email marketing?

The email intelligence solution ASoS.Campaign grants you an overview anytime and allows you to identify and fix problems before dispatch.

Inbox Placement

How many of your emails will get stuck in Spam folders?

Inbox Placement

Are you surprised by bad opening and click rates? Apparently your newsletters are not placed into the inbox of all your recipients. But what exactly is the problem and how can you solve it? Answers will be provided by the Inbox Monitor.

Client Preview

Are your newsletters and email campaigns compatible with all devices and applications?

Client Preview

Are your emails not displayed correctly on mobile devices? Does the new Microsoft Outlook cause display problems again? Use the Client Preview to test more than 60 different devices and applications within a few minutes.


Which Spam filters are blocking your email marketing campaigns and newsletters?


Your email marketing performance drops and you don’t know why? Often your newsletters are rejected by Spam filters. But which filter causes the problem? The ASoS SPAM Test checks more than 20 different Spam filters within a few minutes.
Spam Test

Blacklist Monitor

Are there any blacklist issues related to your sending domains or IP addresses?

Blacklist Monitor

The Blacklist Monitor tests IP addresses of mail servers as well as sending domains for any problems related to blacklists – also known as real-time DNS Blacklist Check. E-Mail alerts will inform you about every single event.

What is ASoS?

ASoS is an online E-Mail Quality Solutions  and service that supports you in optimizing, monitoring and evaluating your email marketing activities. In order to do so ASoS provides you with a range of different quality assurance APP’s. Use these App’s to survey and optimize deliverability and performance of your email activities.

EQS of senderproof provides optimization, monitoring and assessment of your email campaigns
Campaign manager and deliverability manager are supported by EQS of senderproof for their email marketing campaigns

Who needs ASoS?

ASoS is ideally suited for campaign managers whose job is to create, send and ensure the quality and effectiveness of email marketing campaigns and newsletters. Deliverability managers whose job is to guarantee a technical infrastructure for an issue-free and accurate email dispatch will be supported by ASoS as well.

Trusted by customers and partners


Is the solution directed at campaign managers in particular. Using the tools Inbox Placement Monitor, Client Preview and SPAM Test it is possible to identify and fix technical, creative and content related problems prior to deployment.

How are the ASoS solutions capable of assisting you?

Prior to dispatching email campaigns, Campaign managers are able to check whether deliverability problems to the email inboxes of the recipients occur. By means of detailed, provider related information, ASoS makes fast trouble-shooting possible. Problems can be identified and solved prior to sending in order to guarantee an optimal success of the campaign. Because the higher your opening, read, click and conversion rates, the more effective your use of the marketing channel email.
But ASoS also supports the men and women in the background, whose job as a Deliverability manager is to make sure the technical infrastructure (mail server, DNS server and the delivery system) are set up correctly and at their optimal state, as well. ASoS assists and monitors the infrastructure and notifies the persons in charge as soon as problems are detected.