„You’re not comming in“ – is a thing of the past!

What was your last campaigns performance like? Does your inbox rate drop? Are your emails filtered? If so, why? The EQS – Inbox Placement Monitor depicts deliverability issues by provider. Detailed information about delivery time, sending IP address, ISP-Filter results, DKIM and SPF provide you with the basis for fast trouble-shooting. A seedlist based technology is used to calculate a statistical projection for all your email campaigns inbox rates. But heads up! Receiving domains are not the same for all target groups. Target groups of companies with German email recipients contain addresses of the providers web.de, GMX and t-online for the most part. North-American companies’ target groups on the other hand mainly contain addresses of the providers gmail, hotmail, yahoo outlook.com and aol. The EQS Inbox Placement Monitor enables you to represent this spread using weighting. This way the inbox data calculated by EQS is as accurate as possible.


  • Presentation of ISP filter results (Inbox / Spam or missing)
  • Presentation of ISP inspection/test results for DKIM and SPF
  • Presentation of delivery time
  • Detection of duplicates
  • Target group specific weighting profiles
  • Presentation grouped by region and country
  • Automated weighting
  • Visual presentation of the email campaign

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