Are you sure your emails are not marked as Spam?

Imagine you send a large campaign just to figure out you are marked as Spam by numerous Spam filters afterwards. What would it mean to your company if you were able to check deliverability beforehand yourselves? In a matter of minutes the EQS SPAM-Test checks more than 20 different Spam filters and appliances. Using these results you are able to modify campaign contents and verify your success with another test.


  • More than 20 different Spam filters and filter technologies, including Cloudmark, Gmail, Symantec, Yahoo, Iron Port, Apple Mail etc.
  • Further information about the reason for being filtered
  • Presentation of the result is available within a few minutes
Try to make sure that your emails does not end up in Spam. With EQS SPAM filter you can test over 20 different spam filter for your email campaigns

Within a few minutes you can get detailed results from the EQS SpamTest module. The detailed overview will shiow you if a spam filter will respond to your email campaign

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