Check, check and check again

Anyone who worked on creating and optimizing HTML emails knows the issue. A huge amount of email programs, mobile devices and webmail providers puts the designer and editor in a spot of time consuming, iterative tests and optimization.
Do you think you will be left in peace and quiet for awhile after successfully optimizing your template?
It would be nice if it was like that – but it isn’t! Continuous changes of webmail providers and new mobile devices, released on a weekly basis nowadays, might ruin the hard process of optimization.
The EQS Inbox Client Preview enables you to test more than 80 mail clients and browser combinations in a matter of minutes. This makes trouble-shooting a lot faster.


  • More than 80 different email programs and webmail provider/browser combinations, among others, t-online,, GMX etc.
  • Presentation of the result is available within a few minutes
  • View of mobile devices with scroll feature
  • Display grouped by webmail providers, mobile devices, desktop applications
Using the Client Inbox Preview, you can test over 80 different mail clients and browser combinations

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